Miss Alison

The bastard child of Doris Day and Germaine Greer, Miss Alison is obsessed with making things. This includes, but is not exclusive to, knitting vintage cardigans, sewing summer frocks, crocheting granny squares, simmering lemon curd and constructing the perfect sentence. Oh Lord, the Perfect Sentence!

Miss Alison loves books and the people who write them; the three minute pop-song and the people who sing them; vintage frocks and handbags, sleeping in and Hamish the Cat.

She puts pedal to the metal on an Elna 1000 and a Husqvarna Viking – and exceeds the speed limit on both.  She knits with bamboo circulars, brews coffee on an Otto, and has been spotted along the canal riding a raspberry red Breezer. Miss Alison would like to shack up with Viggo Mortensen, Andrew Denton, Ben Quilty and/or Shaun Micallef.

Miss Alison swears like a trooper, so if bad language offends, please feel free to leave, preferably during Intermission.

Miss Alison is not to be trifled with, nor taken too seriously.


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