My House Your House

It’s officially Autumn here in Sydney. The slow dive to Winter.  A time for the browning of leaves, of cool nights slept under light-weight blankets, the shortening of days and the slow vanish of summer fruits.  The days are still warm and prone to sunburn, but the nights call for a cotton cardigan slung over shoulders, summer-freckled. Something elegant and light, that sits perfectly over strappy dresses and finishes just above a petticoated skirt. Something like Truly Myrtle’s ‘Timely’.


(image courtesy of Truly Myrtle)

I was late to jump on the ‘Timely’ bandwagon; needing something to cast on for the KangaKiwi KAL that Wool Gathering Australia hosted I dug into my stash for some Bendigo cotton 4ply, and looped 75 stitches on  the needles. Because it was a knitalong, I more or less remained faithful to Timely, and just shy of a month, cast this beauty off.


In the words of Stevie Wonder, isn’t she lovely?

She is knitted in Bendigo’s 4ply cotton, the main is Pomegrante, and the stripe is Pink Rose.

The only mods I made were to crop it short, and make it short sleeved instead of 3/4 – which means I used less than the required yarn yardage. This version took 133g of Pomegranate, which is around 450m, and of the Pink Rose I used 75g, which is around 250m – so a total of 700m.

I absolutely loved knitting this cardigan.  The pattern is clearly and well written, with thoughtful details – for instance, in picking up stitches for the front and neck bands, Libby advises you pick up 3 out of every 4 stitches. This is the first time I’ve ever knit a front band once, and not had to unpick it because it was too tight, or too frilly.  In fact, I’ve used this formula on other cardigan bands, and it works every single time.


Just look at those button bands – are they not the most perfect thing you’ve seen? And don’t get me started on how effortless and how stylish that rolled neck band is. I finished it with 8 vintage pink pearl buttons, and voila, now I have the perfect Autumn cardigan – with plans for many more iterations of this! (including one I cast on last night!)



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