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WIP Wednesday

Wednesday WIP

It’s been a strange couple of days, in an even stranger couple of months. And I find myself as I so often do at this time of year, just counting down the days until Christmas is here, and the year is done, as if somehow the rolling forward of the calendar will make the days better. It’s a placebo of sorts, a new year, a psychological sleight of hand that makes me believe now things will be good, certainly better than they were yesterday, or as is the case, today. Of course, it’s all context – the things that wear me down are silly and self-indulgent, and sometimes all a girl needs is to turn on the radio and hear about women not too far away from where I am now, women who are fleeing persecution simply for being who they are. While my life isn’t all it could be, I am aware that I have a home in every sense of the word, I have a nationhood, I have a roof over my head, and more food on my plate than I know what to do with. Which is all to say that I know these strange days will pass, and perhaps the point of them is learning to live with the discomfort, because in the scheme of things I really have nothing to complain about.

And so here is my WIP Wednesday; two swatches in preparation for a weekend of learning Continental Knitting, and then learning how to Knit for Fit. And my Wednesday wish is that wherever you are, you are safe and warm. Thank you for stopping by and reading; I don’t know who you are, but I’m grateful that you come by.



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