Sewing · WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday

Because my last post was about losing my Sewjo, I thought I’d talk about how I got it back.  One word. Ok, two.  Summer Wardrobe. I love Winter don’t get me wrong, but there is nothing like pulling summer cottons out of the fabric stash, and imagining what they might become. This is my current sewing project, and one that’s almost ready to wear (ha!) except that I need red buttons.  The ones that I’ve pinned above are OK, but they’re not really the right red, so I’m hoping to find the right button in the next few days so I can wear my new blouse. Although with the charcoal clouds skirting Sydney’s skies, I may just have a cardi over my shoulders.

Of course, this blouse means I need a red circle skirt, so I best get sewing!

And now over to you Lovelies, what are you working on?



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