Please, please don’t eat the daisies

I’ve mentioned here before that I’m trying to master the art of casting off and finishing  a garment, before I cast on a new one.  I’ll never be one of those women who has one project on the go, but I am working hard at good habits.  And in that spirit, I present to you my first Nosegay vest.

I first spied the Nosegay on Constance Caddell’s instagram account and instantly fell in love with it.  It’s an Andi Satterlund pattern,  which honestly made me a tad nervous because of an unfortunate incident with a Miette cardigan this summer. However, I decided to purchase the Nosegay pattern, and adapt the pattern as I knitted.  That too turned out to be an epic fail – Andi, was it something that I said?  So I knitted the body of a vest I’d already knitted (thank you Vogue Knitting) and just followed Andi’s gorgeous rose chart. In hindsight, I wish I’d knitted it a little more fitting, but all in  all I’m pleased with how this has turned out. I’m happier with the rounded neckline of my vest, but next time I’ll make the vest less ‘blousy’.

And speaking of the talented Miss Satterlund – is anyone else preparing for the Salal KAL, which starts this Sunday?



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