Wanted – Help

Baby Rocket

I don’t normally do this sort of thing. I reckon there’s enough bloggers out there recommending things, things you may or may not need. Who am I to suggest where you should spend your hard earned cash? But there’s a bloke, down Melbourne way, who has the courage of his convictions, and is changing things, one vegie patch at a time. And he needs a bit of a hand.

For better or worse, I live in Sydney. Which means I can’t put my money down, and get one of Rohan’s organic fruit and veg boxes. One of these days I’ll come to my senses, pack everything, and Hamish and I will move to Melbourne, where I’ll flirt with gorgeous men, have the most extraordinary adventures, and get organic F&V delivered every Saturday.

If you live in Melbourne, and are not already aware of Whole Larder Love, please pop by. Rohan’s photographs alone are worth a visit. And if you do give a shit about good food, or are tired of our farmers getting screwed by the big grocery chains, maybe you could sign up for a box? And if none of that is possible, if like me you don’t live in the delivery area, then maybe you could tell your friends?

Pass it on, peeps.