ImageI woke this morning to a sky of grey, and an autumn chill. In next door’s tree, a maggie warbled, and welcomed the day. I couldn’t help but smile. It’s the best sound in the world.

I paddled about in my nightie for a while. I wiped down the stove, rinsed my coffee cup, filled the Otto with water and the jug with milk. I pressed coffee into the basket, twisted it into place, and waited. As the machine burbled and steamed, I made a mental list of the things I wanted to do with the day. I love lists, and have a tendency to put too much on them, but of late I’ve been keeping them to around five things. Five things crossed off a list is pretty satisfying, don’t you think? Especially when ‘nana nap’ is on the list of things to do.


A day of good intentions, that fell quickly by the wayside. A day of doing things I had no idea I needed to do, instead of doing the things I ought.

A day of ditch stitch on a pencil skirt that I’m just not happy with. Of taking the broom to the balcony and chatting to my neighbour as he fixed the back fence. An afternoon spent poking teeny tiny seeds into seedling mix, and misting gently. A day of soaking my collection of vases, of washing walls and skirting boards with hot water, and being revolted at the colour the water turned. Yuk!


A day of contemplating art, and wondering if I really do have the time to tackle another project. A day of moving armchairs and coffee tables, of considering space and how it’s moved through. Coffee and bagels for breakfast, a banana sandwich for lunch. Yum!

A day that I planned to amble through, but a day that turned out to be incredibly productive. My back aches, my legs and feet are sore, and I’m quite happy to slip quietly into bed and read. But, there’s a dozen rows of knitting to be done, and an Ivan Sen movie on the box, so I think it’s time to put my feet up, snuggle up with the kit-cat and feel content with all that I’ve managed to do.

Sunday. Hope yours was glorious.

ImageListening to Sufjan Stevens, To Be Alone With You