Theme for a pretty girl that makes you believe God exists (part one)

There’s something I need to tell you. I feel quite awkward and silly, and you will be forgiven for mistaking me for a schoolgirl, because right now that’s how I feel. My palms are damp, my pulse has quickened and my mouth is dry. Emotional declarations are rarely easy, particularly when there is no certainty on how they will be received. I have my fingers crossed that you are one who finds joy in public expressions of emotion. I’m not going to yell it, I will say it quietly, so lean in a little so I don’t have to raise my voice. Are you ready?

I have fallen ridiculously in love!

Yes I said love, capital L LOVE!And as these things are want to do, it snuck up on me without me even realising it.

We’ve been hanging out for some time now, maybe two years, maybe three. On the surface of things, it didn’t seem like a relationship I would go for, the differences between us are so great. I’m a girl who knows what she wants, at least I thought I was, because never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined I’d be here. We were curled up on the couch the other night, wrapped around each other like teenagers, when I looked up and realised I had not been this happy for a long time.

I see you shaking your head and rolling your eyes, exasperated. “Yes, Yes, I know, Viggo is your true love, and you’re just waiting for him to come to his senses and return your calls.”

I’m not talking about Viggo.

Now you are paying attention.

Do you want to see the object of my affection?


Can you believe a girl who was so devoted to 100% natural fibres, has lost her heart so recklessly to a cotton blend? Absolutely, utterly, no two ways about it chum NOT MY TYPE, but it just goes to show a girl should never say never.


It started innocently enough. A couple of years ago, I decided I wanted a vintage bakelite cherries brooch. You remember those daggy brooches your mother pinned to the bodice of her pantsuit in the 70s? Those my friend will now set you back a pretty penny. And then some. So I decided to make my own. But I needed the right colour red for the cherries, not an orange red, but a dark blue red.

I went to a couple of yarn stores for inspiration, and then, in the aisles of Lincraft (which has become one of the most un-inspirational places on earth) I spied it. The most divinely scrumptous raspberry red yarn my eyes have ever seen. Next to it was a spearmint green, which matched perfectly. My heart skipped a beat. I had the yarn for my cherries. To be on the safe side, I snaffled a sweet pale shell pink.

Panda colours

I went home and within a matter of hours, I’d done it.


And there it was. A summer fling, a breathless kiss in an alley, an acknowledgement of desire despite incompatibilities. No names, no pack drills. And like a first date with a card-carrying Liberal, it should have ended there.

But it didn’t.

to be continued…