When you crochet, I feel mesmerised and proud…

I’ve been pondering the notion of courage and grace of late. They are two words I admire in every which way – they way they look on the page, the way they sound and more importantly, what they signify. I think Grace is one of the most important words in our lexicon and I wonder how good the world would be if we all lived with a little more of it, myself especially. They are two qualities I try to live my life with every single day. Being Miss Crankie Pants, I don’t always succeed. Ok, I very rarely succeed.

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I also love the etymology of words, and this is where courage particularly speaks to me. Courage, which means “the quality of mind that enables one to encounter difficulties and danger with firmness and without fear” comes from the Middle English, which came from the Old French for heart. Heart! Of course the french word for heart is coeur! Well derr, Miss Alison.

Courage means fortitude from the heart, isn’t that the most beautiful sentence? Don’t you want it tattoed on the inside of your wrist so you can see it every day? And don’t you wish they sold courage by the litre? And perhaps that tattoos didn’t hurt so much, so you could inscribe it across your wrist.

The words courage and grace are particularly poignant today. In the last month I’ve watched a friend, who is one of the most creative women I know, embody courage and grace, and be bloody funny at the same time. She’s stood tall against a pretty fierce dragon and she has not let it get the better of her. Talk about leading by example. Women never cease to knock my socks off with how extraordinary they can be, without really knowing it.

Hearts and Flowers to you, Nic x

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