And The Days Were Just Packed…

Hello Lovies.

I’m afraid it’s been a bit like this in my corner of the world.

Hot, humid, hurried and harrassed.

I learned yesterday that a girl cannot get on a bus with a 2 metre curtain rod.

I had not planned to take a bus, but a train.

Alas, CityRail had other plans, and at about 8.45am, I admitted defeat.

Yes peeps, that grown woman in tears on the train yesterday was in fact yours truly, who was tired, emotional and in dire need of an icy pole and a lie down.

So if you came to Eveleigh Markets hoping for a chinwag, then I most humbly apologise.

I will be there next month – March 6th, this time without the 2 metre curtain rod.


One thought on “And The Days Were Just Packed…

  1. Lindy Hop????
    I have 5 left feet but if Lindy Hop classes were anywhere remotely accessible I’d gatecrash and humiliate you with great pleasure!

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