Do You Wanna Be In My Gang, My Gang?

Did you know that I belong to a bikie gang?

Yup, Miss Alison is a lean, mean fighting machine who hangs out in a tough posse of leather clad, tattooed gals, hell bent on creating trouble, anarchy and just being Plain Old Bad. We are bikie badasses, and you have been warned.

You think just cos we ride pushies, we can’t karate-chop you in half?

Ok, maybe not karate-chop you, but Miss Kara can sock monkey you to death, and I can poke you with my knitting needles.

You didn’t know I knew Julianne Moore did you.

Yesterday was the inaugural meeting of the Bad-Ass Bikie Gals, apologies received from Miss Nic, who is nursing an injury from a fight she got in the other night. Some gals are so BadAss.

You don’t wanna mess with the Crafty-Cycling-Chicks, peeps. They may craft, but they can cut you off with a withering look at 100 paces.




One thought on “Do You Wanna Be In My Gang, My Gang?

  1. Miss Alison… Have I found the group for us???
    It’s like crafternoon for bikey girls! We should drop them a note at some point methinks…
    Alas, my knee! My lovely heavy Frankie bike is the cause. It’s still sore, and a bit swollen. I may have to (sigh) get myself a sensible bike (double sigh) as I am now a serious daily bicycle commuter. Damn those Surry Hills hills…
    I feel very old. And un chic.

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