The Good News


This weekend was earmarked for getting The Seamstress in shape and ready for Christmas, and the new year. The fabulous Sasha has got me addicted to CraftyPod (what magic are these podcasty things, and why have I only just discovered them??) and so the weekend looked like this

I told you Seamstress was getting an overhaul. I’ve decided to take over the world one stitch at a time.

Plus, there was handsewing. I’m back on the hexies again.

And look how big it’s getting. I think I may have to stop soon. It’s greener than I thought, but not bad for my first attempt.  Yes that colour is green and not bleugh. What is it about digital cameras that completely freaks colour out? What am I doing wrong, peeps?

In case you are thinking that I have completely lost my mind and am making the ugliest grandmothers garden in the world, I would like to refer you to the colour in the above photo. Much nicer. And the green has a lovely olive green stripe over the celery green base.

And of course, a long weekend is not a long weekend without a little love in all the wrong places.

Nor is a long weekend with Miss Alison a weekend without music. This is what’s on my turntable this weekend peeps.



the unofficial video is BETTER (go Nic!)



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