No One’s Gonna Love You

Were you walking around on Sunday afternoon, with the sun on your face, thanking God you live in Sydney, but feeling like something was missing? Were you sipping coffee in a groovie little cafe thinking life doesn’t get much better than this, but something was irking you? Were you zipping around on the back of a vespa, with your ponytail swishing behind you, thinking it’s a great afternoon, but by God, something’s not right?

Something was wrong Sunday afternoon. You wanna know what it was? There were no cool gals running around the streets and laneways of Sydney.

Know why?

We were all at my apartment,

in my loungeroom,

with gluten-free treats,

crafting our freakin hearts out.

Look at that Gang of Gorgeous Gals.

There was paper cutouts, there was ceramic rats skulls, there was crochet and hexies and even a sewing machine.

We got the food spot on – a lovely mix of sweet and savory, and not a macaroon to be seen! Although I think they’ll be back next time.

And there was chatter, four+ hours of it.

We even had blinis! How posh are we.

And I’m going to come over all Oprah on you, but I just feel so blessed to have these wonderful women in my loungeroom and in my life. What was it that Katie said? “Think of it as making room for new things to enter, not so much as throwing things out.”  I might have lost, but I’ve also found, and frankly I wouldn’t want yesterday back for all the vintage fabric in the world.

Now I might be blessed, but I can be incredibly slow with fabulous songs, and for some reason this one passed me by.

I’m two years late, but is this the prettiest song you’ve heard or WHAT?

Anything to make you smile, you are the ever living ghost of what once was…



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