The Great Dividing Range

Before Portland had a corner of my heart, I was in love with Melbourne. And who wouldn’t be – great coffee, straight men, fabulous fabulous music, a better Writers’ Festival than Sydney, and craft, craft and craft. I fell in love with my best friend in Melbourne – and I think that’s one of the reasons Portland wooed and won me – Portland is mine and only mine. There are no size ten converse prints across Portland. And, you know, I’m saving Portland for Viggo. Not to mention that the bloody Lucksmiths are from Melbourne, and I’m still pissed with them for splitting up.

I haven’t been back to Melbourne since we became I, and there’s been a humungous part of me that hasn’t wanted to go back. But there’s a day looming on my calendar, a day I’m not overly looking forward to. Were I not terrified of flying, I’d be seeing eels in Portland, and doing my damndest to find Viggo, so I could stay, but there isn’t enough Bach Rescue Remedy to get me to Portland in one piece. And I guess it’s time to get back in the saddle, so I’ve got something to tell you.


Yes peeps, Miss Alison is making a trip to Mecca.

She intends to sip fabulous coffee and have honey crumpets at the best breakfast bar in the world,

bat her eyelashes at boys, get all goofy and stupid in Cottage Industry, track down the hospital where Dr Chris works and see if she can’t go the pash with him (is he a bit of a spunk or WHAT), have a wee word with the bastards and politely suggest the band get back together. She will be dropping by and having a Brown Owl chat with Miss Pip, hopefully stopping in on the Ink & Spindle gals, and probably lamenting the fact she doesn’t drive so she can go visit Allison in Daylesford. She will also be stopping in to see the wonderful world of Tim Burton.  She’d also like to dine at Cutler & Co, MoVida, sip coffee at Cumulus, pop into Craft Victoria and anything else crafty or vintagey that you think she might like to do.

If you have a (polite) suggestion for Miss Alison for Melbourne, please leave a comment below.


4 thoughts on “The Great Dividing Range

  1. Oi there. You have a craftin’ good time. It’s a great city and I know you’ll love it. I am heading down with my sister in March and she’s so super excited. I am feeling all cool and smug because I’ve been – a couple of times – in the last few years. We’ll be going down to see the fashion fest shows. She’s peeing her pants in anticipation. A few days away from the kiddies and she’ll be kicking her heels (actually, size 5 flats) up.

  2. http://books.google.com.au/books?id=D2db2mEIRYcC&printsec=frontcover&dq=fear+of+flying&hl=en&ei=2dSZTInCB9OVcZGG1NkH&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=6&ved=0CEoQ6AEwBQ#v=onepage&q&f=false

    Enjoy your blog from time to time Miss Alison. Noticed the little comment about flying and wanted to send you the link to this book I bought before flying across the really big seas this year.
    I fly lots to NZ to see family and hate flying so much. So flying to Europe was always going to be a bit of an issue! I have managed to put it off until now that I’m 50ish.
    This book really helped me to see how I had been flying the plane. Yes, ME! With no qualifications whatsoever. So I didn’t fly the plane and went with the great belief that I was being well looked after by pilots and engineers and stuff and got on with the job of just looking after myself.
    And mostly it worked.
    That’s all!

  3. I have Melbourne issues too and went back earlier this year for the first time in 10 years. So yay for you going back! Did you get PVH email about the new Lucksmiths EP?

  4. Thread Den in Fitzroy or North Melbourne. You may find a vintage love there.
    Laneways across from Flinders Station are pretty cool fro breaky too.

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