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An early start this morning, peeps. Breakfast at Bronte in the am!

Why Miss Alison were you up at such an early hour? It’s illegal, is it not, to get out of bed before noon on a Sunday?

Well, if it’s not illegal, it will be when I rule the world. But I was out of bed early today dearests, because there was a fabric sale, a vintage fabric sale. And not just any vintage fabric sale, peeps. Sally Hammond, who used to own the Kookaburra Kiosk in Darlinghurst, passed away earlier this year. Her son Mitchell, decided to have a sale of some of her collection of fabrics and patterns.

Twin Sister Susan, who is a genius, thought an early morning beachside brekkie might be the best way to start the day. And was she right! After a satisfying breakfast (Oh, rhubard jam, how I love thee) we zipped up the road to discover we were first in line. The good stuff would be ours – WOO HOO! We pressed our face against the glass door in the vain hope they would let us in early, to no avail. A small crowd of exceptionally stylish women gathered out the front of The Sewing Room at Bronte. Susan and I were almost challenged for our first-place-in-the-line-ness, until Susan casually mentioned the elderly lady she’d successfully stared down at a garage sale in Mudgee!  Genius!  They let us run through the door first, then it was on for young and old.

My God, it was fabulous, such an array of fabric, clearly collected with love over the years by Miss Hammond. I felt a deep obligation to keep as much of Miss Hammond’s collection together as I could. Really, I just did it for Sally.  Now the peeps at The Sewing Room are really smart. When your arms got too heavy from the small mountain of vintage fabric you were carrying, they politely leaned in and said “Would you like me to hold that for you?”

Talk about enablers.

It was exhilarating. Beautifully folded fabrics that were pounced on in seconds. Polite women ohhing and ahhing, and look-at-this-ing over fabric that was just to die for. A beautiful bolt of budget-blowing raspberry guipure lace that I could not afford to buy, that I shall weep over for at least the rest of my life, if not longer. Miss Alison + rasperry lace frock = Viggo Heartbreak.

But the loss of Husband Number Two aside,  it was a fab morning, and Susan and I whipped around the store in record time, completely focussed on the task/fabric at hand. Not even the vintage patterns could distract us. Although I’m kicking myself for not rifling through the buttons.

If I were a piece of fabric, I think this is what I’d look like. There was only the tiniest bit of this, just enough for a bag. But look at those roses, I love a sepia rose. And the green – swoon!

This was a bit of a treat; almost 4m plus “bits” which have turned out to be a front and back dress bodice, already with bust and back darts sewn. I’m wondering what Miss Hammond planned to make with it, and once it’s washed, will be seeing if I can’t finish the bodice at the very least.

I love a fabric stash with bits.

You will be sick if I tell you how cheap these fabrics were, so I won’t break your heart. But I came in $40 under budget, which is a major miracle in my house. I’ve no idea what I’m going to make most of these fabrics up in, but I just had to have them. It’s like the song says “Imagine me and you, I do…so happy together”.

Look at the red floral stripe,with the faux woodgrain stripe between. At least I think it’s faux woodgrain, they might also be little sperms. This stripe actually runs top to bottom, and shall not be referred to as the red sperm stripe.

And then I found the holy grail. 90cm x 60cm. Too small to do anything with, except, well pat softly and weep to self at it’s beauty. How is it that a piece of cotton can be so beautiful?

Are they not to die for? It’s lucky for me they didn’t have metres of this, cos I’d have bought the lot.

Look at those roses. Could you not dive head first into them, and splast around in their rosiness?

So there is it peeps, a fabric stash to get out of bed early for.

“…so happy together” 

Sally Hammond RIP


POSTSCRIPT: some behind the scenes bloopers from this afternoon’s fabric shoot.

I lay the first piece of fabric out to photograph for you, and I clicked the shutter, I was rudely interrupted.



3 thoughts on “So Happy Together

  1. No WAY! Distressing? Yes!!
    OMG I’m so envious. I wish I’d have known… mind you I would have been sick if I’d been there and missed out on that holy grail. Oh my, those colours. Those roses. Truly to die for.
    Great job Miss Alison.

  2. I loved that rose fabric too – with the blue
    and that was me who wrote bits on the other rose fabric – can’t wait to see what you make with all the fantastic fabric

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