Just A Little (Friday) Lovin’

With apologies to the fabulous Miss Springfield, here is what is being held in Miss Alison’s Heart this week.

Is there anything Miss Butler cannot do? Seriously – bed linen, fabric, bags, Rowan Yarn, sewing thread! I am especially envious of her Rowan line – if ever there was a woman who should have her own yarn line it’s Miss Alison, but professional jealousy aside, this new product line of Miss Butler’s is keeping me awake at night. I mean, lookie…

LOOK AT THOSE FLOWERS. I am deep in the brown stuff if they make fabric out of this. I am considering ordering a million miles of this wallpaper, so if you come a callin’ and you sit still long enough, you may well find yourself slapped with a bit of wallpaper glue and some of this divineness stuck to your good self.  You’ll be sticky, but by God you’ll be gorgeous.

Now last week Miss Gertie talked to us about loving the body we are already in, and while I agree wholeheartedly with her, I think sometimes a gal (me) can have a little too much body to love.  So I’m thinking a little of this might not go astray.

 I have wanted to learn to Lindy Hop for longer than I’d like to admit, so Viggo Darling, if you’re free on Tuesday night, I suggest we slip down to The Rocks and learn a step or three.

Of course, we could dance to this, which is on high rotation in Miss Alison’s head at the moment.

Dare you to keep the backing vocals out of your head.

At the risk of blog-stalking Miss Gertie, I’d like to direct you her way, as she is having a sew-a-long  and I think we ALL need to take part.  She’s making the Collette pattern Lady Grey Coat.

  Now everyone knows about the gorgeous Sarai and Collette patterns don’t they? Sarai lives in the blue house  in Portland, Oregon and designs fab patterns that we all should have in our stash if we don’t already. I heart the blue house. So (sew) I’ve decided to sign up for the sew-a-long, although by the time the coat is finished it will be summer here, but a gal always needs a coat with the way climate change is mucking up the seasons. You just never know when a gale force wind is coming to town, and this way, we’ll all have something glam to slip over our shoulders when the breeze picks up.

Now when Miss Alison comes into her fortune (soon please lord), she shall be flying down to Adelaide (yes Adelaide) and snapping up a half-dozen Deborah Paauwe  prints.

There’s something a little uncomfortable about Ms Paauwe’s images, but also incredibly compelling, and I find myself wanting to pull away but also lean into at the same time.

I am also, as always, loving being a Brown Owl. I was extraordinarily proud to be part of this gang of fourteen. I love that a group of women crafting are still a spectacle in Newtown (where you think they’ve seen everything). I love that this community of women throw their arms open to each other, and swap stories of lives, both public and private.

 And then finally, cos it wouldn’t be a Miss Alison post without a vintage pattern, I am loving Lisa in Brisbane who sent me this in the mail

Stars look at that sailor collar.




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