Just A Little Lovin’

Today I am wearing a new dress – one of the vintage frocks I got in the recent eBay haul I shared with my twin sister Susan. And it’s making me feel very Dusty Springfield. So in honour of the Divine Miss Springfield, and because it’s a beautiful Friday and the sun is shining, I thought I’d send a little Miss Alison Lovin’ out.

Here is what I am currently lovin’ this week.

Do you know about super kawaii mama, or was I just the last person to know about her? She has a slavish devotion to all things vintage, and has some pretty good tutorials on hair and makeup. This is one that’s being practised at the dressing table of Miss Alison this week.

Of course with such a fab updo, you’ll need a pair of these to complete your fab & grooviness.

Now if you are anything like me, you will be thinking, my ass is just too big to get into those darling little things. Which means you need a good talking to  from Miss Gertie.

Now what more could a girl with a fab updo, a pair of capri pants and a body to die for need but a hot date, a clean shave, two tickets  to the Roseland Theatre and the penthouse suite.

 Have a fabulous weekend peeps, and vote well.


PS. I’m not joking about Portland peeps, if anyone wants to run away with me, at least for ten days, then drop me a line below.



3 thoughts on “Just A Little Lovin’

  1. Loving the blog Miss Alison – I have met Candice De Ville a number of times – She is a bit of a muse here in Melbourne- Nicole who runs Circa Vintage in Gertrude Street uses her alot for modelling. You must come to Melbourne Missy!

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