I’m Not Yours

Apols everyone. While it may have appeared that I’d been stolen by craft loving aliens in dire need of someone to pass on the nana-love and her sharp eye for vintage, I have in fact been rather busy.

I have been tidying the balcony and growing lettuce in the sunroom,

sewing grannies together and contemplating borders (what would Alicia do?)

I’ve cast on,

cast off, and finally got some WIPs whipped.

I’ve gone over to Susan’s house, and met my long lost twin sister

and become a co-owner in the eBay motherlode.

Oh vintage sewing patterns, you had me at Hello!

I have fallen down the rabbit-hole that is english piecing

and discovered that jelly rolls are not always the result of too much sticky date.

My Name is Miss Alison, and I am a hexie-holic.

I have conquered my inner MasterChef and beat Mr Zumbo at his own game.

Well, I made macaroons that were edible. Along with Kylie and Niccola.

Less Crafternoon, more Macaroon. Boom-tish.

We came, we ate, we crafted and according to Mr Taffs, did not stop talking ONCE!

I have done my best to support the US economy

and spent waaaaay too much money on vintage.

Single men of Sydney, with your toned bottoms that make my knees weak, you have been warned. I will be chanelling my inner Gorgeous, and intend to knock your socks off.

I have been passing on the nana love to a girl to who trips the light fantastic in shoes that say there’s no place like home, and seen a method of speed-increasing that I’ve never seen before.

You Go Girl!

I have delighted in the creative process where ever I’ve found it,

sometimes even taking it home. Legally of course.

I have supported friends, been supported myself, and done my best to keep warm.

Sometimes all at the same time.

I have enrolled in art class and suprised myself at not being as bad as I thought I would be

It’s a pear. No really.

I have tried to learn another language,

and realised that it takes two.

I have Yarned in the Pub with the craftiest bunch of gals, I have laughed over apple hotcakes and celebrated coming babies and weddings, and mourned the loss of porn collections. I have shivered in the cold at eveleigh markets and thanked the universe for my lovely neighbours Stephanie and Sarah. I have laughed with Jack Shit, I have wondered how Miss Death is doing, I have bonded with my neighbours and I have made chicken pie, sticky date pudding, peanut brownies and orange cake. I have gazed at the eclipsed moon over Christmas in July (in June) and I have soaked up the winter sun and thanked God I live in this green and pleasant land.

And while I’ve been knitting and sewing and talking and shopping, this is the song I’ve had in my head and in my soul.



2 thoughts on “I’m Not Yours

  1. Well done. You have been busy. Kudos on the macaroons. I can’t be bothered. I just buy and eat where I find them, which is very few places let me tell you.

    The patterns. Swoon.

    Glad to hear you’re well. I have had lots of comments on my rose pin. People love them.

  2. Fraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, you’re back!! I missed you.
    Please don’t go away for so long again.
    I’m back in Sydney town next week; road trip home begins Saturday.
    Return to Eveleigh is September. Hoping to get into Paddington too to have a go.
    Did you get my loooooooong email?
    See you soon.

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