Heartbeat And Sails

Did you see that gaggle of Gorgeous Women running around Alexandria on Friday night?

Did you think to yourself  “where are those fabulous women, so full of life, going?”

In honour of Etsy’s birthday, the fabulous Corrie organised a party at the new photo studios of News Mags.

And what a party it was.

There was champagne, there was knitting, sometimes at the same time.

Go Jen GO!

There was cake, my god was there cake.

There was English Piecing!

of all shapes and sizes

Look at the teeny tiny hexies on the big Prints Charming hex.

And of course, there was Amy!

Who would like it noted that she made those flowers during the party.

She is a Bad-Ass Brown Owl Crochet Queen.

There was also a vast array of door prizes, and guess who won one!


How cool is that. It even has wheels.

But I’m afraid something really really really bad happened.

Amy taught me how to english piece. And I love it.

So I’m sorry knitting, crocheting, sewing, vintage pattern fitting, lampshade making, furniture restoring, cooking, writing the great australian novel. I now have another craft in my arsenal.


Crafternoon this Sunday peeps. Guess what I’ll be doing.