Hold Me Closer Tiny Dancer

Now those of you who know me know I only burst into Elton John song in cases of extreme emergency, or absolute drunkeness. It’s a school night, so no alcohol has been harmed in the writing of this blog. Which leaves extreme emergency, which is what this is.

Am I the only person whose heart broke watching the pelicans struggle in the oil-goop-man-made-catastrophe?

No I’m not, there are good good people on this planet, and I would like to point two of them your way. Some of you probably already know (and love) Shea & Jon of Tiny Showcase. Well, they are truly good people, and they have teamed up with Lovely Jen Corace for a special fund raising offer.

image courtesy of Tiny Showcase & Jen Corace

Isn’t that just achingly beautiful? Look at the flip of that swimmers foot, and the curve of the hand of the girl of the edge, you can almost feel the water move underneath her fingers. If you move quickly, like fast,  for about AUD$45 you can own the above print AND you will have donated USD$15 to the Gulf Restoration Network. Everybody wins. You get a beautiful piece of art (I have bought one, and I will ner-ner-ner-ner-ner you if you miss out), the art community is supported, and the gulf gets restored.

And if you don’t already know about Tiny Showcase, get thee on their mailing list. Americans, quite unfairly, have a poor reputation, and it’s really important that we connect with the American’s who do care and are willing to put their money where their mouths are. (Like seriously, this is the country who gave us Modge Podge, Doris Day and Viggo Mortensen, but that’s probably another blog post). And Jon & Shea send kooky emails, and I don’t think there’s enough kook in this world. Seriously gang, can you resist anyone who writes:

“As this disaster continues to disaster-ize everything in its path, both visibly from outerspace and in underwater plumes, we are being told that this oil will be gracing even Rhode Island’s shorelines and beyond before this is through, and not only does that crimp our long-anticipated summer plans, but induces me to while away weepy afternoons in front of laptops and dominate entire evenings with dear friends by yelling my two-point plan to start making sense across tables at bars across the region.”

Dig deep peeps. The pelicans need us.



One thought on “Hold Me Closer Tiny Dancer

  1. Yes this disaster really is a total DISASTER! But sadly not the biggest or the “worstest” oil spill happening right now….. what about Nigeria where more oil is spilled EVERY YEAR due to drilling than in the Gulf so far. How come this isn’t generating mass media attention and outrage? Sadly it seems that just because the US and Europe is affected this time that its worth getting upset about. Here’s one article for starters:


    Reckon we collectively need to move towards that “one planet, one people” outlook in a big hurry…..
    Still, best wishes to the pelicans of course, this is a lovely gesture from Jen and Jon and Shea…..

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