If you were walking down King Street this afternoon – the south (groovie) end – you may have walked past a lovely glass fronted store. You may have turned your head slightly and seen a coffee machine, a wall of beautifully coloured yarns, and tables with some very happening gals sitting around, drinking coffee, chatting and knitting, crocheting and hand stitching. You may have thought to yourself, wow, they are really hot women, and clearly extraordinarily clever, look at how talented each and every one of them are. And you would have been right, cos you would have been looking at the Crafternooners.

I would dearly love to show you the fab photos I took of us crafternooners, but my fing iPhone has not saved the shots. Bugger Bum Wee.

We came, we sat, we drank coffee (fab, fab coffee), we chatted and we crafted like our lives depended on it – which of course they do. Depend on it. We met at A Coffee and a Yarn, a fab new cafe in Newtown (groovie end of King St, of course!), which we’ve decided is the new home of Crafternoon (Mr Berkelouw has a bug up his ass about people loitering at his cafe, so we meet there no more). A Coffee and A Yarn is run by Ellie, and is really nirvana for knitters and crafters. She is more than happy for you to sit and drink coffee all day and knit to your hearts content.

Ellie has got great taste in coffee (one of the best I’ve had in a long long time) and great taste in yarn – there’s a full range of organic wools and cottons, and are reasonably priced. I quite seriously recommend you get yourself along to A Coffee and A Yarn. And I seriously recommend you get yourself along to Crafternoon, where you will meet Jess, founder of Extreme Knitting.

See that point on the knitting needle tip? No? That’s cos Jess broke her knitting needle knitting!