I Was Always Your Girl

So the Spring issue of Interweave Knits is out. I don’t know about you, but I think after a shaky start, Miss Eunny Jang has really found her groove. IK leaves Vogue Knitting for dead, and is the only knitting mag I’d part my hard earned cash with. (The verdict is not out on Debbie Bliss, I had a quick flick through the last issue and was decidedly underwhelmed).  And when you are paying up to $16 for a mag, you really want some knitting bang for your buck.

Sorry for the shakey photo, I can’t get the scanner to work so it’s almost cut and paste with the camera. When I rule the world I shall have an IT department at my beck and call. And call I will.  Anyway. Spring issue. While it is the spring issue, and a lot of the knits are done in cotton, I think enough of them are adaptable for Now. I’m just loving short-sleeved textured knits over long sleeved tees, particularly if you’ve got a contrast colour peeping through your knitted lace.

I mean look at that stitch, isn’t that just divine. Imagine knitting that stitch in a cap-sleeved tee in a fine charcoal wool, with a pale pumpkin sleeve peeking through.

Or this one in a raspberry with a chocolate crew underneath. Or even a navy & white stripe.

I have fallen head over heels with this one, and as soon as the needles are clear, this may just be the next project. I’ve got a musk-stick pink this may work in. Or even a chocolate.  And the best thing about this the sleeves are dolman, so pretty straightforward knitting!

And look at the work in that, isn’t that something! I’m not sure about the tree in the centre, but the travelling leaves and braid around the edges are stunning. Imagine how fabulous you’d feel snuggled up under that.

I love the leaf design, especially paired with the plait. But boy those braids would drive you bonkers. You’d be warm under that blankie, but you’d have lost your mind.

There’s an article on kitchener stitch, which is one of those stitches that you do, but you have no idea how you did it. I think it actually defies the laws of physics.

And of course, a knitting mag would not be complete without these…

There are Wasabi Peas socks – don’t you just want to wear them for the name? I’ve never knitted socks, but I have some wool I bought at stitches and craft show last year that is demanding to be knitted.

Anyway, sorry about the crap photos, but if anyone can tell me how to use my scanner without me spending an afternoon reading the sodding manual, I’ll be most pleased.

I might even knit you a pair of Wasabi Peas.


PS tomorrow night I start the first night of my gocco course! WOO HOO. Watch this space, but not tomorrow night, cos after Gocco, I’ll be glued to Lost to see how it finishes!


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