And The Boys

I want to tell you about the night I’ve had, and I’m having trouble articulating it. You may read the post and think, yeah, great, so what. I’m afraid I won’t have the language to give you any sense of how I felt tonight, sitting in a pub with 25 women, some of whom I’d met, some of whom I was about to meet.

Brown Owls held it’s first Yarn in the Pub night tonight. And it was a smash. 26 of us sitting knitting and crocheting and embroidering. Crafting and chatting and swapping stories and sharing passions, and laughing, lots of laughing. Some of us had come to knit, some of us had come to learn to knit. Some of us had come to embroider, some of us had just come to sit with other women, craft and just be.

What magic happens when women get together.

And I feel so proud to have been part of tonight. And proud to be part of this craft movement, that is still sprouting, but is connecting with women of all ages. I love that craft is coming out of the kitchen, and the stigma of the handmade is all but gone. Because we are finally saying to women, what you do has a place in the public sphere, what you do has value, real value.

And that’s a great thing.



2 thoughts on “And The Boys

  1. Magic stuff, hey. I love it when it happens around the campfire with a bunch of Girl Guides, even better with the leaders. When we’re tired and we’ve let it all go and there’s just us, the coffee pot and a crackling fire. Someone always has a bag of marshmallows, or popcorn, or chocolate, or chips – something bad for us – and it goes well into the night and no one minds when we’re all up just a few hours later. Bliss.

  2. I thought of you the other day Ms F as when I was down the Paris end of King St, there’s a cafe called something along the lines of “a cuppa and a yarn” and it’s a cafe with wool and crafty people and it seemed lovely. Just a heads up for you. xx

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