Good Fortune

Look what the postman delivered.

The item on the left – the item on the right is under the impression a photo is not a photo unless he is in it.

Don’t you love a country who post things to you in body bags? I reckon I could fold myself into that bag, whack a stamp on it and post myself back to the USA.

Monday Delivery. Do Not Delay. Guys, it’s Wednesday, but I’m so damned excited to see the postal body bag on my doorstep, I’m not going to quibble. Because I want to get my hands on the stuff inside the body bag. Can you guess what it is?

Guess who got paid last week?

Guess who went a little nutty on amazon last week?

(“Front Cover photo: This jacket, designed by Elsa Schiaparelli in 1938, features elaborate embroidery, molded-plastic cicada buttons and fanciful pockets.”)

Guess who is going to bed with sewing books?

Guess who will never do this again!

No more wierd-ass bust darts!

Move over Coco. There’s a new gal in town, and her clothes are soon to fit impeccably. And have fanciful pockets.




One thought on “Good Fortune

  1. Cool! I LOVE getting parcels in the post.
    Books look very sunny spot with cup of tea worthy. I just ordered one called the Handmade Marketplace. It’s all about how to run a creative business. I just heard a podcast on craftsanity.com with Built By Wendy. SHe has put out a book about making dresses. Three patterns and then she tells you how to change them to make many dresses but essentially fromt he same pattern. Sounds pretty cool.

    Guess whose Bedside Organiser is going to be in the next issue of Frankie? AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

    Let me know how you go getting back to the USA in the bag, if all goes well I will give it a go too.

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