A Hiccup In Your Happiness

Are you feeling good about yourself? Your confidence is up, there’s a little skip in your step and you’re really quite content.

Then please, under no circumstances, go shopping for these BASTARDS.

How to destroy a gal’s confidence with one quick swish of the tape measure.

And I tell you, it’s no longer a man’s world. The world is your oyster if you are packing less than 14B.

14 fucking B.

If you are bigger than 14B, do not go bra shopping.  And if the lack of choice for those of us larger than 14B is not enough to send you into a cantankerous suicidal spiral, the joyful chirrups of glee from sales assistant about how fab-u-lous Berlei bras are will send you into a twilight zone that only this can save you from.

Swiss cotton in pink and red florals that had me weeping for joy in the craft department. Florals the size of my head.

Oh fabric gods, thank you.

If the fabric is not enough to get your happy levels back, then I recommend this

Are they channelling The Falling Joys or what?

and then there’s this. A boy from Port-land Or-e-gon.



2 thoughts on “A Hiccup In Your Happiness

  1. bra shopping is almost as bad as jeans shopping..! Although last time I went I found Freya were a good fit (and pretty) and triumph was also ok. But I have learnt my lesson about berlei and steer well clear…

    i will email shortly re other stuff 🙂

  2. I am guessing you were hoping for more of a 12B, or 10B? I suppose you can be thrilled it’s not 14D? I once made a flippant comment in a bra store when I saw a 10E. “Who’s a 10E,” I said, honestly and innocently. The store assistant blushed bright red and said: “me”. Oh God. Wanted to die.

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