Mr Postman

There is nothing like a loud bash on the front door to get a gal’s lazy ass out of bed. Had Viggo finally come to his senses and come to whisk me off to Port-land Or-e-gon, was it Martha Stewart’s lawyers threatening action unless I stop disparaging The Queen of Craft? Who could be knocking on my door so early in the morning?

‘Twas Oz Post with a special delivery. From McCall Road, Manhattan, KS. Remember Vogue patterns had a special offer the other week and all patterns were USD $3.99? Guess who goes a little nutty in Vogue pattern sales?

 I wasn’t 100% about this frock, 1940s styles can be frumpy if the fabric choice is not spot on. But I love the skirt on this, that the gathers are at the front and the sides are smooth. I think I might make it to look like a two-piece suit, so make the skirt a plain, maybe navy, and have a navy spot in the bodice. Perhaps keep the diamond shape plain?

 This is another pattern I loved and contemplated in the last Vogue purchase. It’s also got the gathers going on in the middle of the garment, so there is a theme going with me at the moment. I’m not mad on the shirt tail hem, so will straighten that out. But I think this will make a great winter dress, if I extend the sleeves to elbow length and wear a fine polo neck underneath.

 It’s funny how your tastes change as you become wiser. I used to turn my nose up at Anna Sui, but I’ve come to appreciate a well placed gather or frill. The ankle length is a bit of a shocker, but knee length in a 40s style print, this could be a lovely mid-season frock.

 Now I have to confess that when I first saw this frock I loathed it. I thought it was bland and boring and could not imagine why anyone would want this hanging in their wardrobe. But then I saw this frock on Miss Gertie’s blog, and it became an Object of Great Desire.

Holy Coco-Chanel! Me want.

But this is classic Miss Alison. I see the picture, and think I want to sashay around Central Park in this frock, divine little handbag in the crook of my elbow, and a conga line of handsome rich men behind, with Tiffany Diamonds in their hands and indecent thoughts in their hearts.

And then I remember I am 5foot 4 and a half, and am built for comfort, so perhaps this is what this frock will look like.

And while I very rarely sashay, particularly when in heels, this frock still has the va-va-voom about it.

Handsome rich men of the world, you have been warned! Miss Alison (almost) has a new frock and she’s not afraid to use it!