Away Away

I miss Weddings Parties Anything.

In the nineties, I ran away from home and spent 7 years in London eating crap food, but having a ball. I saw the Wedders in a North London pub – it was a pre-date-date with the First Love of My Life. I was in the crowd, talking with my sister, and Billy Bragg walked past me. I recognised his ear and damn near swooned. Billy Bragg was the only man I’d contemplated ripping my birthing canal for (at that stage anyway). I spent the night wondering how I was going to get Billy Bragg back to my place, while the brother of the First Love of My Life did the hard sell on me about taking said Love of My Life home with me. Ah my reckless youth, how glad I am that you are behind me, and I am now a Sensible Woman who knows how to Crochet.

How was your Easter? Wasn’t it fab to have an extra hour in bed! When I rule the world a four day weekend will be mandatory every 6 months. And this Easter was just perfect, cos the rain came down at night, just as we were tucking into roast beef and potatoes. I love snuggling under blankies when the rain is strumming across the roof. And then the Sun came out during the day, and the sky is beginning to turn that deep deep winter blue.

Have you seen the feeding frenzy at Fisherman’s Wharf when the fish shop throws the scraps out to the birds?

I’m afraid I didn’t have my camera, so couldn’t zoom in on the pelicans. If I had you would see that the Pelican second from the left, the one who is all curled up, has one large pelican eye on you. They are magestic, those Pelicans. I think I have Mr.Percival engraved across my heart. I could watch them for hours.

There was not a lot of crafting done this weekend, which will cause concern for anyone who knows me. No, I haven’t fallen over and banged my head. Although my brain is a little sieve like at the moment. I just did other things.

I read.

Discussed the meaning of life. Apparently it has something to do with pink plastic bones.

Walked around the ‘hood with The Philosopher Dog.

I may have overdosed on LoMo.

And then I came home, knowing I was going to get a bollocking from His Fluffy Highness for leaving him. I would like to point out that I made two very nice beds for HFH. TWO!

With plenty of snuggle places. But where did he sleep?


And see that handbag on the floor?

It was on the chair when I left.

J’accuse The Cat, in the Loungeroom, with the handbag!



One thought on “Away Away

  1. You are a great big Dag!!! Where is photo of moi??? No, do not want to be identified. Love the photos and agree would have been just wonderful if you had been able to capture the ‘eye’!
    Still have fingers and toes crossed – getting a mite painful I might add – and am off to the vacuuming and ironing. Glad you enjoyed your days at the coast…

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