I love it when Crafternoon comes around again. I love contemplating the baking books. This time I dug out the family heirloom; the huge black and red cookbook that Mum began.  I inherited it when Mum cleaned house. Mum baked a lot when we were kids, and I’ve had a yearning for the baking of my youth.

One of the things I loved best was Grandad’s Date Loaf. When I was young he used to live with us, and I remember him eating Date Loaf with lashings of Meadow Lea on it. I always thought it was his recipe, one of those ones handed down from generation to generation, but it turns out it’s one Mum found in a cookbook. Oh the pain of the shattered illusion. It’s been decades since I had a slice, so thought I’d have a go at making Grandad’s Date Loaf.

That’s my Grandad’s kettle. He used to boil water for tea in that, and here I am, 40 years later, boiling water for date loaf in it. Can you imagine your grandchildren using the kettle you have in 40 years?


Mum’s recipe said mix into a batter and pour into loaf tin. I’m not sure what happened, but that’s not a batter, and there’ll be no pouring. I think I’m making a door stop.

So while the date loaf cooked, I whipped up a dip and then thought about what craft to take. The fairy floss knitting, the crochet or should I take one of the kits I bought at Stitches and Craft Show last year? You wouldn’t think Craft could be so fraught. I threw the crochet into a bag, wrapped the oven-warm date loaf up, and jumped on a train to meet Miss Niccola.

On Foveaux Street these gals walked past.

Not something you see every day. Was it bad that I whipped the phone out and snapped them? They just look fabulous, I quite simply had to share them with you. Is it just me, or have Nuns all but vanished from the landscape? You don’t even see them at Mardi Gras anymore.

Crafternoon this month was hosted by Miss Kara, who has the most perfect home. There was a gorgeous cross breeze wafting through her home, which was heaven giving Sydney is a sauna at the moment. As ever there was too much to eat, loads of chatter, an abundance of crochet, a sock dog that decided he’d rather be a rabbit, some deep tissue massage for a crochet-related shoulder injury, snuggles from Sunni and as always, never enough time. The afternoon slipped away and before we knew it we were packing our bags and saying our farewells.

And then I remembered I hadn’t taken photos.

Imagine a table laden with passionfruit cakes, Blue Ribbon caramel slice, beetroot dip, a gorgeous iced cake and date loaf that needs more practice. Imagine crochet, crochet and more crochet, sock dog/rabbit, cameras and iPhones and waaaaaay to much chatter. We even had a Token Man! And of course, this gorgeous pup.

Who clearly was not happy that another Crafternoon had come and gone.