Sing-a-long Friday!

The Magnetic Fields are one of those artists I should like more than I do. I will get my head (and wallet) around 69 love songs one day, but in the meantime Fbi have been playing this, and it’s darkness speaks to me. Anyone that can use Apendechtomy as a lyric has a place on my blog, if not my heart. I dare you to keep this one out of your head.

The second song for today is one that fills my heart, mind, body and soul with complete and utter joy. It’s not just a song, it’s a time machine. If you, like me, feel like 1981 was last week, (the year is two thousand and WHAT?) and are dazed as to where the time went, have a listen to this little ditty. David Sylvian is back, and he’s become a pop-tart. Get your hair-brush microphones ready, and dance like it’s 1981. WOO HOO!