She’s Got A New Spell

Today I took the day off from the “should do’s” and did something I wanted to do.

 I spent quite a bit of time on the couch watching The West Wing and indulging in some handsewing.

Isn’t handsewing the best?

I mean, really. Just the best.

My Extraordinarily Talented Mother makes quilts, and when I graduated uni in 2004 we decided to make a quilt together.

We had a lot of fun picking out the fabrics. And a few arguments, cos someone kept changing her mind on the colour scheme she wanted.

It was supposed to be something we would make together, but it’s not easy to machine quilt something together when you live far apart. So while this was a “joint effort”, the reality is that 99.9% of the work (and talent) is Groovie Mommies.

 Take a look at Groovie Mommie’s handstitching.

 Not a stitch out of place (and plenty of planets in Virgo).

 I had a tidy up yesterday and found the quilt folded in a bag and realised it was time to get the embroidery floss out, and finish the quilt.

And late last night, that’s exactly what I did. And then I curled up underneath.

About 30 seconds after I’d snuggled up, guess what happened?


His Fluffly Highness is being told Groovie Mommie has threatened to make a floor rug out of him if he gets on the quilt.

Look how good it looks on my bed.


I love that this looks so good on my bed. I love that I can now go and make pillows from the fabric remnants. I love that it makes my bed look like the snuggliest place in the world (it is!) But most of all I love that Mum and I made this together. I love that I have the memory of her getting cranky with me cos I changed my mind about a 1930s colour scheme when I found that purple and green backing. I love that I spent a couple of days at her place arranging the borders. Who knew borders were such a big job? I love that we chose the embroidery floss together, I love that we hand tacked the fabrics to the quilt wadding, then had to unpick it and redo it. Although I didn’t love it so much at the time. I love that we spent hours cacking ourselves making this. I’m really lucky – my Mum and I are friends, genuine friends and I just love spending time with her. So what I love most of all about this quilt are all the memories stiched into it’s warp and weft.


Sorry Mum.



One thought on “She’s Got A New Spell

  1. Frannie, that is GORGEOUS!!!!!!
    Curling up under your own hand made blanket is pretty much the nicest feeling in the world.
    I did the same with mine the other day, as it’s now about 40cm off finished. So warm and soft, and it smells so woolly. It’s especially nice after working with messy, manly, dirty things like plaster and clay. (But I think I love those too…).
    Can’t wait to catch up on Sunday.

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