The Naughty Corner


I am getting the evil eye from His Fluffy Highness, because I did a bad thing.

I didn’t acknowledge Alicia and Sarai’s images in my Port-land Or-e-gon post.

Can you hear that tut-tutting in the background? That is Groovie Mommie, expressing her displeasure, cos I was raised better than that.

Miss Alicia and Miss Sarai, should you ever stumble on this corner of madness and bad-manners, I apologise. And am amending the post immediately. All images courtesy Alicia and Sarai.

I’ll be in the Naughty Corner (with my crochet) should anyone be looking for me.

In the meantime, the Run Away to Portland fund has become a gang. It looks like Miss Crackernuts wants to come along as well, which is just fab, cos there are a lot of things about home I would miss. I’ve just realised President Obama is coming to Oz, and I reckon I can get my furniture on Airforce One.

I’ve seen The West Wing, I know how big the plane is.

There is room for all my furniture, all my yarn and fabric, and I think President Obama could also help with getting His Fluffy Highness a visa. I’d also like to have a wee chat with Mr President about establishing the Ministry of Craft. And if he could explain to me what Modge Podge is, and how I get my hands on some, I’ll be the Happiest Little Vegemite in Port-land Or-e-gon.