I’m Happy Just to Dance With You









Another Eveleigh Markets has come and gone. I just love being part of Eveleigh; Arijana and El Kie, the wonderful women who curate and run the markets, have established a wonderful community of creative, community-minded people. I love that I’ve made friends simply by being there. I love that the women on the coffee stand do a morning walk around as the stall-holders are setting up, to take our coffee orders. I love meeting people, watching them get the pins, talking to men about ties (and some women about their husbands’ ties!). It never ceases to amaze me how open and warm and inclusive strangers are. I love that I am getting customers come back. Who ever thought that a bunch of op-shop ties could make such a difference in my life. But they have, and I’m eternally grateful.

If you have yet to visit Eveleigh, I recommend you having breakfast at one of the cafes on Abercrombie Street, and then wandering up to the CarriageWorks and having a mooch around the markets. You really won’t be disappointed.