The Only Living Boy in New York

It’s a crappola day here in Sydney.

And I’ve got a million things to do.

Like seriously, a million zillion trillion things.

Eveleigh Markets are on this Sunday, and I’ve got some new things I want to make. And some display items I want to faff around with. And I haven’t even thought about what to wear. And my wardrobe could do with an overhaul. So like I said, a kagillion things all demanding my attention. But it’s a perfect perfect day out there, and the only place I want to be is here.

Really, I just want to sip tea, each watermelon chunks, knit myself a fairy floss coloured cardigan, and contemplate the first days of Autumn. And the last days of Summer.

Am I the only one stuck in a funk?


One thought on “The Only Living Boy in New York

  1. No, I have had a funk of a week. I’ve been super busy and feeling on top of things and suddenly the pressure’s off and I can’t get organised. I am supposed to be cleaning the house but it’s wet and everything’s sticky and I can’t be bothered. Thanks for the head’s up on Eveleigh, might pop down on Sunday.

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