Ache For You

Dear Mr Mortensen,

There are times in an Independent Young Woman’s life that she admits she is not able to do everything, and that sometimes a fish does need a bicycle. In this Independent Young Woman’s life those moments  usually involve extremely large spiders with googly eyes, trash cans and feeling poorly.

Alas this week I was, like quite a few other Independent Young Women, struck down with this lurgy. I have a dry cough that keeps me awake at night (and you were you here, you cad), an aching body, headaches and a roaring temperature that can only be soothed by a cold face washer pressed to my forehead.

I would like to extend an invitation to you to come and press aforementioned face washer against my forehead. I have a jar of vicks that needs rubbing in, and if you could bring some Tom Kha Gai, I will adore you forever. In that way.

I look forward to your speedy response. But please, give a girl time to fix her hair and apply a little lippy, before you knock on her door.

Fondest Regards,

Miss Alison