The Chapter in Your Life Entitled San Francisco

I vanished off the face off the earth again. My apologies. The only explanation I have to offer is that I simply lost a week.  I blame the Australia Day weekend. That and waiting (not so) patiently by the letter box for an envelope from the grand old US of A.

It arrived last week – did you hear the yelp of joy?  The envelope was postmarked “mailed from Zip Code 66502”, which I kinda like. When I get my greencard and move to Portland, I will have “mailed from Zip Code 2000” tattoed somewhere secret. So there has been a flurry of tissue in the apartment this week. Which makes His Fluffy Highness deeply happy. I have fallen quite madly in love with V2787, the 1948 frock I dithered over. I almost cannot wait to make three or four versions of her. Anyway, here they are, in all their Zip Code 66502 glory. And I am pondering fabric choices for V2787. What do you think?


Of course it has not all been foot tapping at the mail box. There was a day or two of pouring over cookbooks (Kylie Walker and Valli Little, I would be quite lost without you) planning edibles for Crafternoon. Then there was a morning of baking. I made sausage rolls, my first ever. I have to confess they were a little tasteless. And I burned their bums. But I did make profiteroles, which never fail to please or excite. We had a rather marvellous afternoon of chit chat, craft, cake, fruit platters, and crochet. Let me tell you peeps, Crochet is the New Black. Did you know that 4 out of 5 Crafternooners had crochet hooks in their hands?


In all seriousness, I consider Crafternoon part of my many blessings. Miss Niccola, who is not just a crochet dynamo, but has the most extraordinary vision and ability with her craft, a talent that COFA has recognised and welcomed with open arms. Miss Kara, Julianne Moore’s twin, who is one of the most stylish women I know, makes the best sock moneys ever (with pervy bananas in their undies!)  and has just been accepted into Design College. Lovely Miss Catherine, who is the woman behind the beautiful pages of The Sydney Mag and is crocheting up a floral storm. And last but by no means least, the very camera shy Jacqui, who has taken on an incredible (secret?) crochet task, who should probably buy shares in pink cotton and who makes the best Jam Drops ever.

And don’t forget His Fluffy Highness, who was slathered with female attention (and loved it), but curled up with ET Bear.

There is lots more to tell you. Day trips and market stalls and thrifty purchases and books and films, and well, you’ll just have to pop by again!


2 thoughts on “The Chapter in Your Life Entitled San Francisco

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  2. Oh I want to come to crafternoon!!!!
    I haven’t been able to make one yet but I hope to soon.
    I love your blog Fran, you’re such a good writer, you always always make me giggle. I know nothing about writing but your style is so ME!
    I have to say, um…. His Fluffy Highness is certainly interesting looking, hi hi hi.
    Hope we can catch up soon.

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