It’s True That We Love One Another

Well it’s true that we love one another

I love Jack White like a little brother.

I don’t actually Love Jack White, not in any way shape or form. He’s just a bit grotty for me, in that Tim Freedman way – I just want them both to take a long hot bath and get decent haircuts.  Seriously chaps, you’ve both got money now, you can afford a trip to the barber.  I rather fancy Meg though, in that I wanna be like you way. You know what they say – behind every over-hyped man is a groovie chick on drums. Although credit where credit is due, Jack did a FAB job on Jolene, he really gave it that co-dependent suicidal angst it needed. You really got that he was going to die if Joelene took his man.  What I do love (see I get to the point eventually) is sewing, particularly vintage sewing. 

Before I bought The Princess  home, I did a quick google on vintage sewing machines. I found this great review of her  by Emily Kate, who has a thing for vintage sewing machines and, as she puts it “freaky ceramics”.  I bought the Princess home on the strength of Emily Kate’s review, and then spent waaaayyyy  too long on Emily Kate’s blog. One link led to another, led to another, until a week later I found myself in NYC reading the Wonderful Miss Gertie’s  blog. Oh my sewing stars, what a Gal! Gertie started her blog because she’d bought Vogue’s New Book for Better Sewing and had decided to sew all the patterns in the book. It’s a great blog because she’s a stickler for detail, and is dedicated to technique, which is something I think is lacking with a lot of the new generation of sewers. It’s become one of my favourite blogs, and I think I might apply for my green card and go live next door to Miss Gertie. Or have her move here, cos the peeps next door play crap music and you just KNOW Miss G’s fabulous taste extends to her record collection.

So this sent me off on a vintage sewing tangent that I don’t think I’ve quite recovered from. Really, it’s all Doris Day’s fault. A colleague put me onto this site a couple of years ago, but there is a whole vintage world out there peeps. Actually, it baffles me beyond belief that the pattern companies haven’t cottoned (sorry) on to the fact that there are a lot of women out there who want to make, or have made, these old vintage patterns, and start reprinting the lot of them. I know the bigger houses have a small selection on sale – I’ve bought a few of them, but there are thousands sitting in their vaults looking for a loving home. Anyways. One of the problems with sewing vintage patterns is the issue of resizing. When you are rummaging around pattern bins in opshops, you can’t really ask for the pattern in a larger size, can you? I’ve got some FAB patterns that I know I’ll never fit into, no matter how much exercise I do. Thankfully there are resizing pattern sites, like this one  and this one. I think it’s time to get out the french curve peeps and get some sewing done.

It’s not really vintage, but for those of us who do sew, I’ve just discovered pattern review. You can search for the pattern number you are sewing, and see what other sewers have done, plus there are sewing tips and trouble shooting, which is a bit of a godsend if you are sewing  the V1093’s skirt and the pockets are doing your head in. And there’s Sew Tessuti, the fabulous sewing blog of the fabulous fabric store which seems to be taking over the world. As it should. To quote Steven Patrick Morrissey, ” Girl Sew-ers of the World, Unite and take over”

So this is what’s in my fave pattern pile at the moment.

I’ve got a chocolate linen I’m thinking might look good in this, with a brown with white spot contrast bias around the collar. Of course, I’d need a new handbag.

And then there’s this, which would look fetching in a powder blue, which I don’t have in the fabric stash. Maybe navy??  Of course it would need a blue stripe with small floral detail blouse with a tie-sleeve to match, just as well I have this.


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  1. Oh how you would love the “Vogue Guide to Sewing” that I picked up over the break. If you are lucky, i might bring it to owls… If I remember that is. xx

  2. Seriously. This is the best blog post I have read for weeks. I actually bookmarked this post to read properly when I had the time, explore your links and the like. Do you mind if I post about it in a coming blog post of my own? It’s brilliant.

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