Bright Star

Have you seen Bright Star yet? Mommie Dearest and I sat in the cool dark yesterday and feasted our eyes on Jane Campion’s latest. Someone ought to bronze Miss Campion, she’s an outrageous mega-star of talent.  The movie is worth the ticket price just for the costumes. And the hats, don’t get me started on the hats. The colour-scheme is glorious, all chocolate browns and washed out raspberry pinks. If you have a textile fetish, or simply love clothing, go and see this film.

Abie Cornish is fabulous as Fanny Brawne, Ben what’s-his-name is a little pale for me. Don’t get me wrong, I dig the artistic types (insist on them, really) but why is it the artistic types seem incapable of anything other than swanning around with this woe-is-me energy about them? Where is the man who reads, who creates,  but knows his way around the garden shed? Read me poetry by all means, but then please pop into the garden and knock me up a bookcase. Anyway. The movie. I don’t know much about Keats, I’m afraid my knowledge of poetry is sorely lacking, so didn’t know the story of Mr Keats & Miss Brawne. She was an excellent seamstress, as all good women are. And he was the poet of his generation, although as is quite often the case, wasn’t appreciated until he’d left this mortal coil. Sigh. We never learn, do we. But it’s a great movie, incredibly retstrained, it doesn’t quite unleash the way The Piano did, but I’m not sure it’s meant to. Paul Schneider is wonderful as Mr Brown, Keats’ companion. Highly, highly recommended, and worthy of a second viewing.