Song For Siren


It’s a stinking hot day in Sydney town. A great day for sitting in front of the fan with an icy pole or three. It’s not really a great day to be hunched over a sewing machine making things, which is where I have been all day. Why? Because I have finally got a market stall at Kirribilli markets. You will find me tomorrow from 9am in the tunnel, so if you are in the hood, pop by and say hello. Or sing me a song, but if you are going to sing, please make sure it’s this one, which is on high rotation on Miss Alison’s mental jukebox.


YouTube is like seeing the film when you’ve loved the book and imagined how the characters look, but then you see the film and they look the complete opposite of what you thought. When I heard this song I imagined a 50’s couple, she in a leopard print frock and a tattoo of a rose on her upper arm, dyed black hair piled on top of her head and a Bettie Page fringe. He had a quiff and was wearing jeans, a cowboy shirt with the sleeves rolled up, brothel creepers  and tatts on both arms. Turns out they are a couple of GenY hippies – eeek! Despite appearances, this is a ramshackle, joyous song.

Alabama Ark-en-sawwwww.


2 thoughts on “Song For Siren

  1. Congrats on the market – have a great time!

    I just had a delicious Splice ice block and am sitting in front of the fan! Still hot though.

    1. Good luck at the market- and thanks for the new tune! I have never heard that song or artist before, but i like! Can’t wait to play it for dp when he gets home- he will like it lots too, and it will be perfect to put on our wedding playlist- makes me wanna dance!
      Found your blog on tag surfer; I’ll be reading… Enjoy your summer day!

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