Brown paper packages, tied up with string…

“Boys in tight speedos with six-packs to die for

Viggo underneath me yelling Miss Alison, more more.

Remnant Warehouse sales, Kirsty MacColl when she sings

These are a few of my favourite things.”**

Ok, so poetic license doesn’t even come close to describing the liberties I’ve taken, but it’s Christmas, and if a girl can’t dream/fantasise/salivate at Christmas…

Sometimes I get caught up in the feeling sorry for myself crap – particularly the last 18 months. I’m a wallower, I admit it, but I think I read Emily Bronte too early in life.  It’s been a hard, hard road of late; at times I’ve felt completely invisible, that it just wouldn’t matter if I were here at all. The universe is a funny place, and in a girl’s darkest moments, she can go to her postbox and find a brown paper package, tied with string, that she carries through the city, all the way home, with absolute joy and the sound of music,  in her heart.

Does Miss Pen Pen know how to wrap a gift and knock a girls’ socks off, or what? I can’t bear to take these out of the tissue, I just want to display them on the mantlepiece as they are.

I don’t practice gratitude nearly as much as I would like. This is a time of year for making lists, favourite albums, books of the year, best dressed, etc. Being a Contrary Old Bag, I am instead going to start listing the things I am grateful for, in no particular order.

Miss Pen-Pen, I am grateful for your Feistyness. I found you via an article the Age ran in March; I sensed you were a woman after my own heart with your comments about standards in craft. I’ve been addicted to your blog ever since, and I respect and admire the way you put yourself out there, without compromise or apology. I am grateful for your passion about the hand-made, I am deeply inspired that you have made a business out of what you love. I take great comfort knowing there are women like you out there in the world, blazing your trail and not going quietly. And I think you have a place in Hamish’s heart too, and that’s no mean feat.

Merry Christmas Everyone. Thank you for coming by my corner of the world, thank you to those of you who leave comments, and those of you who don’t. I hope your Christmas and New Year is safe, joyful, crafty and very very Happy.


** with the utmost apologies to Rodgers & Hammerstein.


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