One Crowded Hour

O but the green-eyed harpy of the salt land,
She takes into hers my hand,
And she says “Boy, I know you’re lying… O but then so am I!”
And to this I said
“O well.”

Glenn Richards

Look, I love Augie March, I quite seriously do.  I would get my drivers licence just so I could drive around with all the windows down, singing Augie March songs at the top of my voice. From the opening strum of Asleep in Perfection,  they have had my heart. Their bio on their website says theymake “off-kilter rock & roll” and that really sums them up. I have no idea what they are singing about, they don’t always sound happy, and I think at least two of them have a bone to pick with The High Priestess Germaine, but I do love them, quirky little froot-loops that they are.

I saw them live, maybe in 2000. Darren Hanlon was in support, and I was quite beside myself, because his lilting ‘Falling Aeroplanes’ was also looping around my heart. But I have to tell you Dear Reader, Augie March were as boring as batshit live, and my friend and I left. Me, who very rarely walks out on live music, walked out. I am a girl who believes in second chances, so Augie March, if you set me up an armchair with a good craft light, I’ll come along again and give you another change. If you are boring, at least I can crochet. Or make these little beauties….

Arent they just amazing? I wish that I could tell you that they came from my fertile mind, but I’m afraid I can’t take credit for them. Lisa Tilse, who is a market-stall mega-star (and probably needs a foot massage), has the tutorial  on her website, and I urge you to pop over and have a look. She’s an amazing designer, and if you’ve been to either Magnolia Square or Finders Keepers, you will have already met her.

In the meantime, if you are in the neighbourhood, come and knock on my front door.

Speaking of neighbours, I really dropped by to tell you about my new neighbour Niccola (not rant about AM). Miss Niccola is a Crafternoon regular, is a Crafting Comrade and is an amazing crochet designer. If Augie March make off-kilter rock&roll, then Miss Niccola makes off-kilter pets. 

Yes, that is a large grasshopper (name unknown) and behind The Crochet Whizz, Walter the Giant Squid. Sunday was Niccola’s first outing at Eveleigh, it was lovely having her, and her General Manager Anna, as neighbours. Really, I couldn’t have asked for nicer peeps. Walter had three proposals of marriage, a lot of heavy petting from strangers, and is currently being courted by Mr. Baz Lurhmann, who is writing a Fellini-esqe remake of Richard Lowenstein’s Dogs in Space, with Walter the Giant Squid as Sam, and Ms Blanchett as Anna. Rumours that Posh Spice will appear as the intravenous needle, are at the time of going to press, unconfirmed. Walter the Squid will be voiced by Hugh Jackman, but only on the condition there’s no more kissing with Nicole.

Anyway’s the market was fab, Walter was very popular, and I purchased the following:

There may have been some other purchases, but they can’t be talked about because they’ve been given to Santa, and may just turn up under a Christmas tree on the Central Coast somewhere. So there you go, if you didn’t pop along to visit Miss Niccola and Miss Alison (you know who you are), then you missed out on off-kilter crochet animals, off-kilter paperplate angels, and off-kilter conversation.


2 thoughts on “One Crowded Hour

  1. Aha, Walter the Giant Squid thought you were listening in to his negotiations with Baz Luhrmann…

    Perhaps the great Nicole herself could also qualify as the intravenous needle?

    Merry christmas Miss Alison, and thanks for this most literary of mentions in your magnificent blog!


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