There’s an Angel, floating round my house


This is the Christmas Angel. Her name is Kirsty, and she sings the Best Ever Christmas song with Shane MacGowan and the Pogues.

This song is not part of Australia’s Christmas songbook, more’s the pity, because for this Wee Lass, it not Christmas until I hear Shane & Kirst. It’s cheeky, it’s melancholy, it’s just beautiful – and it features my Most Beloved Miss MacColl.

Anyway, you didn’t know it, but the Angel who sits atop your Chrissie tree is called Kirsty and, as David Byrne said, she has the voice of an angel. And if you want to know how to make a Christmas Tree Angel called Kirsty, who sings the Best Ever Christmas Song, then you need to pop along to Eveleigh Artisans Market this Sunday December 6, at 1.30pm, where Miss Alison, who is petrified of standing up in front of people, will be running a workshop in Christmas Angels called Kirsty. So please pop along and say hello, and maybe have a chat about your fave Kirsty MacColl song, and how much you miss her. And perhaps bring tissues, cos I still can’t talk about Kirst without getting the weeps.

Sigh. What a nana.


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