Summer In The City

Well, it’s another gorgeous blue-sky summer day, just what you want to wake up to on a Saturday. I am quite promiscuous when it comes to seasons; when the smell of bushfire leaves the city, when the leaves start to fall and I need a cardigan at night, Autumn is my favourite. When soups and casseroles are the mainstay of my cooking, and there’s snuggling under a crochet blankie, when woollen skirts and patterned tights come out,  then Winter is fave. When I’m sick of dry skin and chapped lips, when I can’t bear another cold morning, then Spring can’t get here fast enough. And when Newtown starts to buzz with boys in shorts and girls in summer frocks, then Summer is my fave. Or when I wake up on a sunny saturday, curl up with a coffee and the saturday papers, and start comtemplating swishing summer dresses, floral skirts and  new summer sandals. It’s one of the things I love about being a dressmaker; if I get my crap together early in the piece I can have a new summer wardrobe every year. I am a girl who does not need an excuse for a new dress. Nor a new handbag for that matter. There are small piles of fabric on the studio floor, just waiting for me to cut them out, pin them together and sew them up. I have a tomato red linen jacket (that I started last summer, but then lost the pattern for) that is impatiently waiting to be finished. It will get finished soon, because (a) I bought another copy of the pattern – it cost me a bomb cos it’s out of print and (b) it will look fabulous with a corsage pinned to it’s shoulder.

Speaking of corsages, yesterday was the final day of my giveaway. There were three lovely comments from TinnieGirl, VonWoof and GeorgieLove, who shared such lovely, honest and at times, heart-wrenching stories, that I can’t possibly choose.  Thank you all for sharing your stories and leaving comments – they have truly made my heart sing! I shall contact you all, find out your summer colour, and send you a corsage, that you can pin to the shoulder of your jacket, or to your 50s straw handbag, or even the waist of your new cocktail frock, and promenade around while Dean Martin sings in the background, and all the boys and girls peer over their sunglasses and ask “Who is that Fabulous Woman?”.


And for those of you who missed out, you can pop into my brand spanking new Etsy store, or come and visit me at Eveleigh markets Sunday December 6, at the Carriageworks. It’s same weekend as Finders Keepers, (and the same venue!) so don’t spend all your money at FK, save some for Eveleigh. It’s like Finders, but better!! WOO HOO!

PS. Don’t forget that Crafternoon is coming up. Sunday 29th November, it’s our Chrissie get together, in Sydney,venue to be decided. We love new faces at Crafternoon, so if you are crafting in solitude, and would love some crafty gals to be with, please drop me a line at missalisonregrets@gmail.com we’d love to see you!


2 thoughts on “Summer In The City

  1. Dear Miss Alison, I have just popped in to say thankyou for the wonderful gift you sent me. Thankyou to for the sweetest letter I have ever recieved, I was a bit overwhelmed to be honest! I have subscribed here to your blog and and soon as my corsage gets its first public airing I’ll be sharing that as well.
    You really made my day / week /month !

  2. Hooray for the esty site! It’s great to see the beautiful corsages available for the world to buy them! I can’t wait for mine to arrive, very excited! 🙂

    (and thanks again, Miss LovelyLady)

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