There’s No Such Place

I’m afraid Augie March is the appropriate tune for this afternoon’s wee melt-down. 21st Century, why do you challenge me so? Why doesn’t wordpress have widget button thingies for everything – one for your brown owls button, one for the knitters guild, one for dial an IT person, and one for a girl’s Etsy shop? I have been on the computer all day, all day I tell you. My back is sore, my bum is numb and do I have a little link in my sidebar that you can click on that takes you to my Etsy store? Sigh. No. 

I have managed to load one corsage into my esty shop which you can find here. I have had enough 21st century for one day (lifetime) and am going to curl up on the couch with an IcyPole. Lovely TinnieGirl, thank you so much for your offer of help. I’m afraid I have no brainspace left for this stuff – would it be impolite of me to call on you tomorrow?


PS Miss Looby Lou – two posts in one day – WOO HOO!!


6 thoughts on “There’s No Such Place

  1. Wooo Hooo…..going international!! Good for you! Looking forward to the orders coming in by the thousands! There will not be a place that is safe for any mans’ tie, so look out!!


  2. Technology sucks, huh?

    If you like the Etsy link on my blog, I can send you the code plus full instructions.

    I remember the agony vividly, so would very much like to minimise yours…

  3. I just sent you this really detailed email to lend a helping hand and then realised you’re not on blogger. Anyway, hopefully it will be of use. Sounds like there’s other helpers around too.

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