La Valse d’Amelie

I’ve come over all French on you. Oh er missus. I’ve spent the morning battling the technology beast, and I won, and I want to listen to something uplifting and joyous, so have put the soundtrack to Amelie on. Did you just love that movie, or what? I defy anyone to watch that movie and remain in a crap mood. Even I can’t stay poopy – and we all know Miss Alison’s evil twin is Miss Cranky-Pants. I digress.  My next tech job is linking the song each post is named after to the post, so when you open it, you hear what I am hearing as I type. But digital music flumoxes me, and I’ve been wrestling the Etsy beast all morning, and I’m tired. I need a bex and a lie-down. There’s only so much 21st Century a girl can take. I need a tech detox, where is an Amish village when you need one?

Good news – I have an Etsy shop, I have an Etsy shop!  There’s nought in it yet, but that will be this afternoon’s job. But I have an Etsy shop. It’s called, funnily enough, Miss Alison Regrets, but without the spaces, so MissAlisonRegrets.etsy.com I have no idea how to get into it, like I said it’s taken me all day to set the damned thing up. I can’t wait to be rich, so I can afford an IT department. I will figure out how to put a link to the shop on the side of my blog so you can pop in and have a look. I now have to take some photos, and figure out postage, and then convert into US dollars, and bang, my brain just exploded. Can someone please get IT on the line and have them sort it out?

Am taking a leaf out of monkey-boys book. Seriously, that cat is bonkers.



3 thoughts on “La Valse d’Amelie

  1. To remove brain splatter from most surfaces simply sprinkle Bicarb over the stain, allow the bicarb to absorb any liquid then gently spray with white vinegar.

    The bubbling will lift off the stain without damaging delicate surfaces. Then wipe with a damp cloth (not too wet) and towel dry.

    Good Luck

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