The Luckiest

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Mr Ben Folds on piano and vocals, who will sing today’s theme song.

It’s today’s song because it sums up how I’m feeling right now. I feel like I’ve been on a train for a long time, always looking out the window to see if it was my stop, if this is where I am supposed to get off. I went through a few stations that looked like they might be the place, but they weren’t. It was a bit of a shame, cos there were some hot men at some of those stops.  I should have known that my station would have fabric, yarn and fabulous, fabulous women. I should have known that my station would involve the practice of women’s so called domestic arts.   For those of you who have left comments, I am cartwheeling around my sewing room. Well, almost cartwheeling – you kinda have to give them up once you hit a certain age.  Thank you so so much for popping by, and taking  the time wave hello. I am completely overwhelmed and incredibly humbled. I will get back to you, I promise, but I am frantically dipping strawberries (not a euphemism)


and then I’m on the train tomorrow to visit Mommie Dearest, but I will be back this weekend, so come back and visit because I am planning something special. 



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