Sew My Name

Sunday November 1st, 2009. Eveleigh Artisans Market, Sydney. 10am. 


 Ladies, I’m ready.





Over  here.






Robyn & Sue (and Miss Alison’s very first sale)


Miss Maria holding the fort


 Looby Lou


Form a line girls, there’s enough of me to go around

There is no way to convey the day I had at Eveleigh yesterday.

I am overwhelmed by the support and love of my friends, and flying high on the reception my tie-pins received. To Robyn, Sue, Maria, Lucinda, Sophie, Paula & Craig (who is the definition of support) – thank you. It meant the world to see your lovely faces (and apols Craig I didn’t whip my camera out). To all the people who bought a pin from me, thank you. To my lovely fellow Brown Owls Jess, Jen & Sheryl, I just loved being part of the Brown Owl corner of the market, and to Sasha – my new market friend, thank you so so much for making my day perfect. And to Lozzie, the best shop-girl a Seamstress could ever hope for – Sunday would not have been Sunday without you.

And to those of you who couldn’t make it, put Sunday December 6 in your diary, come on down to Eveleigh, and come hang with us crafty chics.

And buy handmade for Christmas!


“Sunday evening always has a sense of something good about to end…”

Josh Pyke




4 thoughts on “Sew My Name

  1. Hellooooo! A gorgeous tie-pin arrived on my desk today. Thank you ever so much for thinking of me, and for your kind comments about my blog.

    I think the tie-pins are darling and I am going to wear mine tomorrow for Melbourne Cup and I will write about it on my blog in a few days.

    If you would like to discuss selling your work in our shop please email me with more details, I would love to find out more!

    Best wishes,


  2. Hello. I’ve just discovered your blog via Lark. I love your gorgeous tie pins and your blog is fabulous. You know I just rediscovered The Eels. I think it was all meant to be.

    Are you planning on opening an online shop?


  3. Hey Frannie,

    So glad to hear the market went well, and I can’t wait to hear more at our next crafternoon.

    I love your photos of the Australia Post boxes too, very poetic!


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