Dear Lincraft

Your shop has not been a pleasant place to shop for some time now. When you were in the Imperial Arcarde it was a fright. Snarly shop assistants with PMT and sharp teeth. But since you’ve moved into the Gowings Building the mood has lifted. Substantially. There is the delightful Tom behind the craft counter who always greets me with a big smile. The girls at the cutting table are also happy – although if I worked with fabric all day I think I’d be tip-toeing too.

Today the Gowings Shop excelled itself. Miss Katrina, who is the Craft Manager (does she have the best job title in the world or what) knew I was quite keen to get my hands on brooch pins. Not only did she chase the pins supplier, she called other Lincraft stores to see if they had pins. Unfortunately they didn’t. But her supplier came through, and she called me today to tell me the pins were in, and she had put 10 packs aside – 5 in each colour. Isn’t she the coolest, I didn’t even I ask her for that, I just wanted the pins. Colour schmolour! But it was incredibly thoughful of her.

I’m afraid she wasn’t in the store when I went in this afternoon, so I couldn’t thank her. Lincraft, I just want you to know that Katrina is my Employee of the Month, and as soon as my company goes public, I am going to steal her from you. In the meantime,  I’d like you to triple her salary, cos she’s worth every penny.

Yours in haberdashery,

Miss Alison



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