The People Who Wave at Trains

Do you know Michelle? Miss Michelle, of the Scrabble Tile, and all round Design Star? Last night 16 strangers gathered around a large wooden table at Berkelouw  Books Cafe in Newton, and added another feather to our craft caps. 


We took scalpel to paper and cut templates, blank pages, colored pages and lovely coloured leather. We counted, considered and arranged, then pierced holes with instruments that might have come from a Nineteenth Century surgeon’s kit.


We pressed creases and levelled edges. We drank coffee, ate cakes and slurped soup.


Then, with rather long lengths of linen thread, we stitched signatures, conquered kettle stitch, then knotted, double knotted and tripled knotted, held our breath and snipped thread.  And then sat back, breathed a sigh of relief and immense satisfaction at what we had done.


We made little leather bound books. BOOKS!


With pages!


Coloured pages.


And lovely linen lines down the leather spine.  Am I feeling pleased with myself? Too right. It was a great class, in a great venue, with a great bunch of people and an excellent teacher.


That’s Michelle standing up on the right. She is incredibly talented, and I urge you to add her blog Shelbyville to your favourites. Are you jealous? Sick with envy that you didn’t know Berkelouw was the place to be last night? Desperate for your own handbound, handcrafted leather book?


Fret not my crafty friend. Michelle is running a second class, Sunday October 11, from1-4pm at Erskineville. email michelle@shelbyville.com.au for details. But be quick, it’s only a fortnight away, and will fill up quickly. Michelle is teaching a new technique, on an A6 size book. Get thee there!


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