This Little Piggie Stayed Home…

What’s the cure for Swine Flu? Oinkment.*

As my “humour” clearly shows, I’ve been sick. I’ve had this horrible flu, that seems to have hit half the Southern Hemisphere. Four days in bed is not much fun (a) when Viggo Mortensen is not involved and (b) sitting up and knitting makes you vomit. If you have it, I hope you recover quickly, and are back crafting up a storm.

Speaking of craft tsumanis, my lovely friend Cath is about to welcome her first child into the world. Which means I’ve gone into crafting overdrive, starting by making my first ever quilt. First of all I went to Prints Charming, and drove the poor girl in there bonkers, chosing fabrics. Then I fearlessly hacked into the fabric, almost matched the seams, and then hand stitched quite a few circles. This was such a lovely project to sew, the Prints Charming girls have the most beautiful colour palette, uniquely Australian I think.

the fabric 

pinning quilt



No, you are not going crazy, the aqua stripe did not make it into the quilt, it’s gone into the stash, quite possibly never to be seen again. I did a terrible job of the binding, and Cath has been instructed not to show any of her quilt making friends, or I will die of shame. The quilt was cleaned of all evidence of my trusty assistant

sleeping hamish

 and it was wrapped up, and taken off to the Stamford Hotel, where we gorged ourselves.

all that food

 There was a suprise guest at the shower.

happy monkey

Yes, that is a banana in Monkey Boy’s pocket. Kara is the master of sock animals – I’m handing Crafternoon over to her one Sunday so she can share the sock animal love. Cath loved Monkey Boy, and she loved the quilt, which was a relief. I don’t know about you, but I get a sick feeling in my stomach everytime I hand over a handmade pressie. It seems like a good idea when you are designing it, an even better idea when you’re making it, but when it has the tissue and ribbon around it, and it’s eagerly being unwrapped by its receipient I start thinking perhaps I just got caught up in the crafting moment.

Look at Cath, isn’t she gorgeous. That baby is one lucky baby, and I hope she  is always good to her Mum, cos Cath will be one of the best Mum’s on the planet. In fact both women in the photo below are part of the silver lining on the storm cloud that was Fairfax. If you haven’t had High Tea at the Sir Stamford, I highly recommend it. There is something special about sitting down with women, whether over tea and scones or over knitting and fabric. I wouldn’t be a guy for all the fabric in the world. Not even the vintage stuff.

cath and monkey

So apart from sewing baby quilts, I’ve got a few other baby projects on the go, which shall remain secret for a little while longer. Don’t avert your eyes Cath, there’s no spoilers here. I’m a powerhouse of creativity at the moment; I haven’t been this way for about 5 years now, it’s such a joy to have ideas back, and the space to make them. I’m finding it hard to focus on one, I’m jumping from idea to idea. So many ideas so little time. Oh lottery gods, will you ever shine gazillions of dollars on me? I promise to use the money for crafting good, and not evil.

Anyways, I’ve been reaquainting myself with that most humble of fabrics, denim. I adore denim, it’s probably one of my all time fave fabrics. There isn’t anyone it doesn’t look good on, be it the skinny girls & boys in their stove pipes, wide denim trousers on 30 something women, or your favourite guy in his jeans and tee.


 I also took a mooch down the south end of King Street, which I much prefer to the razzamattazz of the Dendy end, and hit the vintage lace jackpot. There was much squealing with delight let me tell you, from me mainly.

close up 

Look at that, how could I possibly leave that behind?

eyelet lace

spotty lace

Apart from denim & lace (wasn’t that a Suzie Quatro song?) I’ve rediscovered the felt pile in the stash. I bought a couple of squares when I lost my head in lincraft the other day, which doesn’t happen very often anymore. Lincraft is such a horrible place to shop; I always get the assistant who doesn’t give a shit about me or what I’m looking for, they have always run out of precisely what I am looking for, and no, they don’t know when new stock is coming in, nor do they care. Lincraft used to be such a joy to shop in, now it’s sheer hell. Anyways the felt. Despite the poor poor quality of Lincraft’s range, which is closer to paper than it is fabric, I’ve been cutting and sewing little pieces of felt, for projects that shall reveal themselves soon.

pink felt things

The weekend is nearly upon us, and I’m planning on getting the Gocco out. I’ve had the damned thing for nearly a year, and haven’t used it once, which is disgraceful. I’ve a teeny project in mind, and thought I’d give it a go this weekend. There will be photos, if it’s not an utter disaster….

* joke courtesy of my esteemed colleague, Luke.  Who has just welcomed Byron Jack into the world!


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  1. Hey Frannie,

    Hoping you’re feeling better, and feeling miserable for missing the last Crafternoon. I had a very large and nasty PhD needing my attention (my mum’s thank goodness, not mine!). Thankfully it’s out the door now and I’m back on crafts.

    Love the swine flu jokes, it turns out that you and I have similarly “sick” senses of humour, as I’ve just crocheted a swine flu. You can check him out at my shiny new blog, http://vonwoof.wordpress.com/

    See you at the next Crafternoon, possibly with a knitting-crazy friend in tow (if that’s ok).


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