The Medication is Wearing Off

I’ve got the crochet bug. I thought it would be one of those 24 hour things, that would hang around while I got this out of my system.

new ripple

I thought I would be content making a couple of ripple blankets, but that I would eventually get bored with it – it is one stitch after all – and I would start missing my knitting. Most crochet leaves me cold. My sister and I were involved in a head on collision with our mother’s taste in the 70’s, which resulted in the wearing of matching purple crochet vests, and I’m afraid I’ve never really recovered from the shock. It’s probably why I’m a knitter. But something rather odd has happened, and I’ve all but abandoned my 4mm rosewoods for a small curve of bamboo. A seemingly harmless email during the week led me to Attic24, and I apologise for what I am about to say, but I’m afraid I’m hooked.

The Lovely Lucy, who is Attic24, is a crochet genius, and I strongly suggest you pop over and have a look at her work, if you’re not already familiar with it.  She really does make the most amazing things, it was all I could do not to race into my LYS and buy zillions of balls of wool and sit at home all weekend crocheting. But then this little sidebar caught my eye, and before I knew it I was planning the next sodding project. Yes, I’ve done it again. Saturday morning, when I should have been outside enjoying the autumn sunshine or across the road sipping the best organic coffee in the suburb, where was I? Sitting on the Size18, hook in hand, making these.

hex whitehex greenhex pinkhexagons purp

I had a dinner date Saturday night, and I contemplated coming down with a crochet-related-injury. I did not want to leave the apartment, these little suckers had me at Hello. But the good thing about hexagons is they are small enough to pop in your purse! I do like a craft that travels. Lucy’s link shows you how to join the hexagons as you go – the joining is in the hexagon part, if that makes sense. It’s a little tricky, but my track record on sewing things up is not good. I wish knitting would let you make up as you go, I’d have the best cardi’s in the southern hemisphere, instead of too many UFO’s to contemplate if it did.  Grrrr, knitting, grrrr.

In other crafting news, my darling little niece, who hopefully does not read this blog, is turning 4 at the end of the month. I’ve been wanting to make a cloth doll for years, but they are quite fiddly and usually get the better of me. And calico just isn’t that cuddily. But PurlBee has a lovely pattern for the Mimi Kirchner doll, so today was spent drawing, cutting, ironing and hunched over the sewing machine

doll 1doll two

doll 3doll 4

until, ta-da!

doll 5

Isn’t she fabulous? Her legs are only pinned, and she has no eyes, nor clothes, but she has long beautiful hair, courtesy of Bendigo Mills, and over the next fortnight she will be made a wardrobe of clothes from cloth pilfered from the Fabric Stash, and hopefully she will make a four year old girl very happy. Quite possibly not as giddy as her silly old aunt.

I would also like to add, that although the date has been marked on my calendar with big black clouds, Tuesday June 2nd 2009 has now taken on the rosiest of glows. Why is that I hear you ask. Sigh. Because on that day, the most wonderful eels release their new album. Oh Heart’s Desire. It’s called Hombre Lobo  and I am literally jumping out of my skin. It’s been a few years between albums – and shaves by the looks of the album cover – but I can hardly wait. Can’t hardly wait. So Mark Oliver Everett, on the off-chance you googled yourself and crochet hexagons and stumbled across my wee corner of the world, thank you thank you thank you for turning a day I have been dreading for the longest time, into a day of excitement and much anticipation. And if you are reading, I am a very attractive woman, I knit and crochet like a demon, and I think you should jump on the next Qantas and come and whisper dirty things in my ear. I promise I’ll whisper then back.